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Taking into account a growing role of the personnel preparation in the transport and logistics sector, the Union of Kazakhstan transport workers «KAZLOGISTICS» is planning extensive work with students and young professionals in the transport and logistics industry:

  1. The Club for Young transport workers in Kazakhstan will be created on the basis of universities, colleges, enterprises and the programme Bolashak. Continuous communication of the club members will take place via social networking sites and training activities. Master classes from the industry professionals, lectures from experts are planned for the club members.
  2. The personnel reserve for the Union of Kazakhstan transport workers will be recruited from the participants of the club. 100 best young specialists will be selected. In the future, they will be involved to work in the transport and logistics industry in Kazakhstan and will be sent for a further professional training.
  3. The Forum of young transport workers in Kazakhstan will be held annually icluding master classes, interviews, communication with leading industry experts. There will be a reception ceremony of new members out of 100 young professionals. There will be an awarding ceremony for scientific papers and research and innovation projects.


  • To promote training of students, undergraduates, graduate students (RhD) and knowledge sharing with the faculty;
  • To foster scientific cooperation in areas of mutual interest;
  • To provide mutual assistance in improving academic qualifications of undergraduates, graduate students and faculty members;
  • To share experience in developing advanced teaching methods;
  • To create a database of 100 top graduates of TiPO including certified ones online «www.kazlogistics.kz»
  • To assist forecasting and planning to attract a job in the transport industry organizations;
  • To facilitate the exchange of publications and materials for current researches;
  • To organize bilateral joint symposia, seminars and conferences;
  • To carry out joint projects and programs;
  • To develop and implement joint educational programs for all levels of education;
  • To carry out joint scientific management by undergraduates and graduate students (PhD) on the basis of cooperation and direct contacts;
  • To carry out a joint analysis of the curriculum in the university;
  • To collect proposals from Business structures concerning the needs of professionals of all kinds of transportation industry;
  • To hold a contest Startup Transport Innovations;
  • To hold Competition of Scientific Papers - Research and solving real problems in the transport and logistics industry.

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