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30 july 2013 Transport and logistics association was decided to be given a new name of the Union of Kazakhstan transport workers “KAZLOGISTICS” (Union of transport and logistics organizations and associations) at the general meeting of ALE “Transport and logistics company “KAZLOGISTICS”.

General meeting of the Union of Kazakhstan transport workers “KAZLOGISTICS”

Made a decision to elect Askar Mamin — the president of “NC “Kazakhstan temir zholy” JSC — to be the Chairman of the Union. Yuriy Lavrinenko was elected to be the deputy chairman of the union of transport workers.

As a result of the reorganization of the Union a common transport public association has appeared. It will unite all associations and scientific and research institutes and integrate into the created EEA by means of consolidated promotion and protection of interests of all transport workers, that will enable the industry to compete more effectively in the global transit. In the future, it will help the country enter WTO, as well as give impetus to the rapid development of synergy and efficiency of all types of transport (multimodal) — air, sea and river, road and railway with current global trends.


Public coordinator of transport logistics development, global transit potential in RK and synergy of all types of transport.


  • Interaction with public authorities on the development of transport and logistics system (TLS) and development of public and private partnership.
  • Participation in the development of legislative and regulatory acts.
  • Support of KAZLOGISTICS members in projects implementation in the field of transport services.
  • Development of multimodal transportation in the region.
  • Assistance to introduce innovations in the field of logistics.
  • Assistance in promotion and integration of CLW Kazakhstan into the global transportation system.
of the total Union
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