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Bridging Europe and Asia

On December 3, Odessa hosted the International Forum “Bridging Europe and Asia: a new look at the formation of transcontinental routes system.” The event discussed the creation of the most optimal logistics schemes from Asia to Europe, which will reduce the time frame, increase the safety of cargo and optimize costs. The participants focused on the fact that the most promising is the development of multimodal transportation schemes with maximum use of railway and water transport possibilities.

“The goal is not necessarily to create a merely land route, but close enough and competitive, because now the shipping is carried out by ocean-going vessels around India, through the Suez Canal, the Bosporus, which is quite long and expensive. Railway land routes are faster, but neither this nor that should be eliminated, and which is more profitable — it is the cargo owner (buyer and seller) will decide,” said the member of the forum, the executive director of the Black and Azov Sea Ports BASPA Georgy Tokman.

As a result, an agreement on participation of Chinese experts in assessing the prospects of cargo traffic through the Ukrainian ports was reached, in order to give business guidelines for investment in infrastructure. It should be noted that the forum was attended by the representatives of about ten countries, the key participants of the project “New Silk Road”.

The Ministry of Infrastructure of the Ukraine and The Chinese Trade Association signed a memorandum of cooperation in the field of transport. The document, approved in the course of an international forum, is aimed at developing of Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation on transport and infrastructure in the context of strengthening of bilateral economic and trade ties.

As highlighted in the text of the memorandum, the two sides intend to strengthen innovation and investment cooperation in the field of transport, with emphasis on the development of a network of transport corridors connecting the two countries (included in the framework of the “New Silk Road”). At the heart of issues of cooperation will be: the formation of mutually beneficial logistics solutions in the field of transport between China and the Ukraine; identification of technical barriers and other obstacles in bilateral cargo traffic and the development of measures to eliminate them; attraction of investments (including SPE) for infrastructure and transport projects on the territory of the Ukraine. Taking into account that Kazakhstan is a kind of “bridge between Europe and Asia”, this initiative should influence favorably the development of transit and transport potential of Kazakhstan.

The General Director Almagambetov K.E took part on behalf of the Union of Transport of Kazakhstan and informed on the steps, taken in Kazakhstan, to reduce administrative barriers to shipping.


Press office of the Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS”

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