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The meeting of STC “KAZLOGISTICS”, JSC “OTLK” and the largest transport companies took place

On February 4, 2015 the meeting of the Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS”, JSC “United transportation and logistics company” and the largest transportation companies took place

It was attended by General Director STC “KAZLOGISTCS” Almagambetov KE, first vice-president of JSC “OTLK” Iskaliev ES, Director of Legal Affairs at the property management of PJSC “Transcontainer” Markov VN, VP commerce JSC “OTLK” Podylov AV, vice-president of JSC “Kedentransservice” Sukmanov Yu, Deputy Director-General’s STK “KAZLOGISTICS” Sadvakasova IK, head of the JSC “Tranco” Aliherov Kazbek, director of LLP MSC Central Asia, director JSC “Unico Kazakhstan” and others

During the meeting they discussed issues in key areas OTLK, vision for cooperation with freight forwarders, development routes of progress with the railway administration on benefits, attracting Kazakhstani car owners towards containerization

Vice president of commerce of “OTLK” Podylov AV In his speech, spoke in detail about the transportation assets of the company, the main parameters of the business, key tasks, the development of transit container traffic, the use of a unified information system based on Oracle.

The first Vice-President of JSC “OTLK” Iskaliev ES spoke about the international project during the development of rail transit and OTLK role in increasing the traffic between Europe and China.

In his speech he said the following: “For transport business must understand that OTLK will not displace other company. Will work together in close cooperation multinational company with other companies. OTLK as the locomotive will go forward and lead others. The more integration projects related to tariffs, technology, customs clearance, the better for the customer and the faster the volumes that we have a business model that will take shape in specific figures.

In general, the meeting was informative, and during it were discussed the prospects of mutual cooperation of “integrated transport and logistics company” and the Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS”.


The Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS” is a union of transport and logistics organizations and associations of Kazakhstan, which is the focal point of public transport logistics, global transit potential of Kazakhstan and the synergy of all modes of transport. The objectives of the Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS” is the interaction with public authorities on the development of transport and logistics system (TLS) and the development of public-private partnership, participation in the development of legislative and regulatory acts, support members KAZLOGISTICS in the implementation of projects in the field of transport services , the development of multimodal transportation in the region, assistance in the implementation of innovations in the field of logistics, as well as assistance in the promotion and integration of Kazakhstan into the world TLS transport system. To date, the actual members of the union are 550 companies, which include Globalink Logistics Group, LLP IEC “Transistema”, JSC “Kedentransservice”, “Kaztransservice”, JSC “Kaztemirtrans”, JSC “Kazpost” JSC “Air Astana”, JSC MEC “ATASU”, JSC “Airline “SCAT”, LLP “ETK-Trans”, JSC Istkomtrans, KAO, BUT LE “APMT” and so on. The founders are JSC “NC “KTZ” KazAPO, Casati, ANEK, “KTZ-Express”

OTLK idea is a logical extension of the Customs Union and one of the key factors in the formation of the Common Economic Space of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Unified transport and logistics system based on OTLK give a powerful impetus to the further integration of the economies of member countries CES, will stimulate the development of industry, create jobs, increase of GDP in non-primary sector and many other related effects.

February 8, 2013 during a meeting of the President of JSC “Russian Railways” Vladimir Yakunin and the College (the Minister) Energy and Infrastructure of the Eurasian Economic Commission Danial Akhmetov discussed the establishment of an integrated transport and logistics company (OTLK) as a key mechanism for integrating the transport systems of the Member States customs Union and the Common Economic Space. Following the meeting, decided to support the initiative to establish OTLK as a basis for creating a sustainable multimodal transport system. To this end, decided to establish a joint working group consisting of representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the competent authorities and organizations of railway transport of the Member States of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space. The main objectives of such a transport and logistics system should be stable pricing through concerted policy of establishing “through” rates, the development of uniform standards of services.

JSC “Kedentransservice” — a leading provider of logistics terminals in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is present in the market of transport and logistics services for over 15 years. The company has unique assets and competencies in the area of terminal handling, and occupies a leading position on the overloading of goods imported from China at the border station “Dostyk”. The terminals are located in almost all regions and major cities of Kazakhstan.

The press service of the Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS”

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