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Development of transport infrastructure in the framework of the New Economic Policy "Nurly Zhol – the Way to the Future"

In Mazhilis at the enlarged meeting of Committee on an economic reform and regional development which took place with participation of the vice-chairman of Chamber Dariga Nazarbayeva, discussed questions of development of transport infrastructure within new economic policy “Nurly Zhol — the Way to the future”.

In the extended meeting attended by representatives MIR RK, MF RK, NEM RK, JSC “NC “KTZ” STK “KAZLOGISTICS”, JSC “NC “KazAvatoZhol” RSE “Kazakhavtodor”, JSC “KazDorNII” ALE “Association of Kazakhstan Auto road builders”, KazATO and other.

During the meeting they discussed a number of issues, among which should be noted: the need for certification when buying a vehicle (hereinafter — ATS), the use of the TIR procedure in the Russian Federation, the progress of construction “Western Europe — Western China”, the development of service infrastructure of the transport sector, the content social facilities (schools, hospitals, houses), built during the implementation of infrastructure projects under the KTZ, depreciation of the park ATS.

The first vice-minister of investments and development Zhenis Kasymbek reported on deputies on the sphere of highways. As the vice-minister noted, for formation of a transport hub in the country first of all will be created an infrastructure framework which will connect with Astana and among themselves macro regions the main highways by the beam principle. Speaking about the main road projects, Zh. Kasymbek in detail stopped on the international transit corridor Western Europe — the Western China.

Noting the relevance of the topic, CEO of STC “KAZLOGISTICS” Almagambetov K.E noted among the problems of the transport sector, need to improve the performance index LPI and the TIR procedure in the Russian Federation.

According to him, it is necessary to adopt the Inter-Ministerial Commission for the development of the logistics system of Kazakhstan, according to a report compiled by the World Bank, the Action Plan for 2015-2020 to improve the logistics system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He also noted the need for a decision on the resumption of transit under the TIR procedure on the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

Following the results of a meeting the following recommendations to departments were developed: not an assumption of the facts of negligent attitude from employees of branch; strengthening of control of quality of the performed works; further work on introduction of availability at a price on highways of public republican value; carrying out system work on increase of level of service and quality of the provided services in all means of transport.

The overall result of the discussion summed up the vice-speaker of Mazhilis Dariga Nazarbayeva, which focused attention in particular on the need to support domestic carriers, service development on domestic roads, establishing procedures for tenders, as well as the further implementation of the mechanism of toll roads.


The Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS” is a union of transport and logistics organizations and associations of Kazakhstan, which is the focal point of public transport logistics, global transit potential of Kazakhstan and the synergy of all modes of transport. The objectives of the Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS” is the interaction with public authorities on the development of transport and logistics system (TLS) and the development of public-private partnership, participation in the development of legislative and regulatory acts, support members KAZLOGISTICS in the implementation of projects in the field of transport services , the development of multimodal transportation in the region, assistance in the implementation of innovations in the field of logistics, as well as assistance in the promotion and integration of Kazakhstan into the world TLS transport system. To date, the actual members of the union are 550 companies, which include Globalink Logistics Group, LLP IEC “Transistema”, JSC “Kedentransservice”, “Kaztransservice”, JSC “Kaztemirtrans”, JSC “Kazpost” JSC “Air Astana”, JSC MEC “ATASU”, JSC “Airline “SCAT”, LLP “ETK-Trans”, JSC Istkomtrans, KAO, BUT LE “APMT” and so on. The founders are JSC” NC “KTZ” KazAPO, Casati, ANEK, “KTZ-Express”

LPI-Logistics Performance Index — LPI Logistics Performance Index is calculated on the basis of interviews with international, national or regional logistics and warehouse operators, freight forwarding companies. The survey consists of two parts: the international index is determined by LPI (on a scale of respondents rate criteria, reflecting the effectiveness of the logistics system in relation to 8 countries with which operates a logistics company) and internal (on a scale of respondents rate the logistics system of the country in which the work). On its basis calculated the integral indicator index LPI and among countries participating in the ranking.

Interdepartmental Commission on the development of the logistics system of Kazakhstan — the interdepartmental commission on the development of the logistics system of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, established in order to create a logistics system and further increase the country’s transit potential. The Commission is an advisory body to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In its work, the Commission is guided by the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acts of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other normative legal acts, international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the present Regulations. In accordance with the Decree of the Government established 30 May 2011.

The press service of the Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS”

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