The corporate fund “KAZLOGISTICS” is created on a voluntary basis. Its creation will also facilitate an opportunity to receive donor assistance from international financial institutions, international organizations, such as TRACEKA, the European Union and also from various other countries.

The purpose of Corporate fund creation:

  • Creation of the necessary conditions for formation and development of transport logistics;
  • Development of a global transit potential of Kazakhstan and synergy of all transport types;
  • Attraction and creation of a basis for development of a qualitatively new type of employees: leaders, people with new mentality, progressive-minded, active, and possessing a high level of professional competence.

The mission:

  • Creation of a mechanism for obtaining donor assistance from international financial institutions, assistance for involvement of experts in the field of transport and logistics activities;
  • Introduction and generalization of the international work experience of transport and logistics companies and organizations;
  • Creation of a discussion platform to discuss issues facing the transport and logistics companies;
  • Involvement of international experts in order to develop methods for solving problem issues in transport and logistics industry;
  • Training of leaders and human resources.

Implementation mechanism:

  • Analysis and preparation of development forecasts of transport and transport and logistics market of Kazakhstan;
  • Expertise of projects and documents in the field of transport logistics;
  • Conduct of researches concerning the implementation of the transit potential of Kazakhstan;
  • Conduct of seminars, symposia, congresses, exhibitions, presentations, industry seminars, round tables on topical issues in Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • Conduct of a united youth policy of the Union members (congresses, training courses, seminars, conferences and exhibitions);
  • Establishment and/or financing of scientific laboratories, research centers and educational activities and events.

Expected results:

The result of the Corporate Fund activity should be a system of selection and promotion of projects and documents, assisting the development of the transit potential of Kazakhstan and the transport and logistics industry in whole.

  • Introduction of the effective site for examination of the reasonability of adjusting the legislative and regulatory framework in the transport and logistics sector;
  • Creation of conditions for preparation of proposals and recommendations to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Interdepartmental Commission, the Ministry of Transport and Communications aimed to improve the transport and logistics system of Kazakhstan;
  • Improvement of Kazakhstan position in the ranking of Logistics Performance of the World Bank (LPI);
  • Provision of the Fund members (in particular, small companies and organizations) with the opportunity to present their services in the international and domestic exhibitions;
  • Formation of conditions for constant search of new solutions, introduction of innovations in the field of transport logistics;
  • Creation of a mechanism to encourage scientists, who offer innovative technological solutions in the field of transport.

Financial control:

The intended use of the Corporate Fund finances will be determined and performed on a priority basis, and approved by the Presidium of the Union of Kazakhstan transport workers “KAZLOGISTICS”

  • Priority rating of the financial resources use according to the Presidium of the Union of Kazakhstan transport workers «KAZLOGISTICS»;
  • Appointment of a contractor on the project realization according to the Presidium of the Union of Kazakhstan transport workers «KAZLOGISTICS»;
  • Determination of the cost estimates according to the Presidium of the Union of Kazakhstan transport workers «KAZLOGISTICS»;
  • Report concerning the financial recourses usage before the Presidium of the Union of Kazakhstan transport workers «KAZLOGISTICS»;

Suggested topics for Analysis and research by the Working groups of the Fund:

  • The reasonability of Kazakhstan bill «On transit and multimodal transportations»;
  • Transition of Kazakhstan to the single airspace standards within the EEA (with the experience analysis of the European Union countries);
  • Creation of logistic chains maps and routes, both in Kazakhstan and outside the country;
  • Joint with the World Bank research of the bill «On transit» with examination of LPI and Doing Business indices;
  • «Clustering of transport and logistics system» project jointly with «Economic Research Institute» JSC;
  • The containerization problem in Kazakhstan with consideration of industrial development in the Customs Union countries;
  • «New Silk Way» project jointly with Eurasian Development Bank;
  • Interaction with educational institutions, which train staff for the transport industry, formation of personnel reserve of «KAZLOGISTICS» and «Young Transport Workers Club», search of innovations and projects «Start-up Innovations»;
  • Joint-development of other projects and studies in the field of transport with international donor-banks aimed to improve transit potential and logistics climate in the country.

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