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On December 3, Odessa hosted the International Forum “Bridging Europe and Asia: a new look at the formation of transcontinental routes system.” The event discussed the creation of the most optimal logistics schemes from Asia to Europe, which will reduce the time frame, increase the safety of cargo and optimize costs. The participants focused on the fact that the most promising is the development of multimodal transportation schemes with maximum use of railway and water transport possibilities.

On February 24, 2015 in Beijing was the meeting of the Deputy Chairman of China Communications Transport Association Mr. Wang Dêrong and the General Director of the Union of Transport of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS” Almagambetov K. E on coordination and problem-solving to increase transit between countries.

Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev has repeatedly called the development of the transport logistics of one of the major problems facing the economy of Kazakhstan. So 25 plenary session of Foreign Investors Council of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced the launch of the “New Silk Road”, "Kazakhstan should revive its historical role and become the largest business transit hub of Central Asia, a bridge between Europe and Asia ... "at this point in the execution of orders of the Head of state is working to improve the logistics of climate, in particular, a working group on improving the logistics of climate index LPI World Bank.

Trend of the times: changing owners of rolling stock — and changing the rules in this segment of the railroad. In Kazakhstan and Russia completed the process of complete transfer of all the cars in private hands, the term “inventory park” thing of the past. Problem of private car owners is preserve and increase the quality and level of service the previous owners, prevent disruptions “railcar component” domestic and transit traffic. Speedy settlement of issues in the wagon economy in the new environment is the development of transit potential of Kazakhstan, the Eurasian Economic Community, where about 60% of traffic carried by rail and its main production unit — the wagons.

Intensive development of the Caspian Sea has led the rapid development of the oil and gas industry and related infrastructure in the region. This calls for the execution of complex projects related to the delivery and construction of offshore drilling platforms, artificial islands, refineries, pipelines and oversized cargo. At the same time, the logistics in the Caspian region has a number of features of the geographical, political and administrative nature. During the conference discussed the nuances of logistics for oversized and heavy cargo.

In January 2014 the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev delivered his annual address to the nation, urging compatriots to implement all plans to enter our homeland among 30 developed countries and highlighted the role of youth identified: "We adopted the Strategy-2050, Kazakhs to firmly held in their hands the helm of the country’s future ... I would particularly like to appeal to our youth. Billed me today a new political and economic course is aimed at to give you the best education, and therefore more worthy future. I rely on you — a new generation of Kazakhstan. You must be the engine of the new course. "In addition, the head of state has allocated 80 innovative ideas in the fields of agriculture, science, transport and geology.

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